360 Photography Gigapixel Panorama of Genoa by Hans von Weissenfluh

Genoa, Gigapixel 360° Panorama

360° Spherical Panorama, Gigapixel Photo and Virtual Tour, Italy

May 2012
  • Genoa - gigapixel 360° panorama photo - Virtual Tour

    Gigapixel 360° Photo and Virtual Tour of Genoa

    732 shots from Genoa taken using a Nikon D800, merged into a single 9 gigapixel 360 spherical image. Zoom factor, about 30x.
    Besides, from there it's possible to take a virtual tour and visit some of the most beautiful historic buildings and churches of Genoa inside, just clicking on the "Guide" button and following the hotspots. Some of the interior panoramas feature 8x - 30x zoom on details.