360 Photos & Virtual Tour OpenLab Hans von Weissenfluh

OpenLab Art Gallery, Migration by Matteo Cavalleroni

Genoa, Compagnia Unica - Virtual Tour, 360° photos

June 2009

  • Virtual Tour

    Two 360° photos. Environment exploration through active arrows and thumbnails of the photos.

    360 Photos Info

    Bracketing 5 stops, 6+2 shots, 10.5 mm fisheye Nikon lens, artificial and natural light.

    The Art Gallery

    Located in an ancient building, previously a convent, in Genoa, via San Vincenzo, Compagnia Unica OpenLab is an original and unique gallery, featuring beautiful 17th century frescos and post-modern art.

    The Photographic Exhibition

    "Migration" by Matteo Cavalleroni. Catching an instant, telling a long story. The subject is the people in the airports. The photographer defocuses them and changes their bodies to shapes, lines, symbols, but leaving their personality unchanged. Their moves are caught and encoded through a complex, but natural, alphabet.