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January - July 2009
360 photos mostly realized for Regione Toscana's tourism promotion website.

    Lucca 360 Panoramic Photos

  • Lucca, Guinigi Tower Panoramic view

    Lucca, Torre Guinigi, Panoramic View
  • Lucca, Piazza Anfiteatro Panorama

    Lucca, Piazza Anfiteatro Panoramic view
  • Lucca, St. Martin's Cathedral @4m HQ

    Lucca, St. Martin's Cathedral square at sunset, view from 4m high
  • Lucca, St. Martin's Cathedral, Square

    Lucca, St. Martin's Cathedral
  • Lucca, San Michele in Foro Church

    Lucca, San Michele in Foro Church, square
  • Lucca, San Frediano Church

    Lucca, San Frediano Church
  • Lucca, City Walls panoramic view

    Lucca, City Walls panoramic view
  • Lucca, Ss. Giovanni e Reparata Church

    Lucca, Ss. Giovanni e Reparata Church, square 360 panoramic view
  • Massaciuccoli Lake Puccini, Panorama

    Massaciuccoli, Park lake Puccini, Roman Ruins panoramic view
Lucca is famous for its many churches, towers and its walls surrounding the town, built between the first half of the 16th c. and 1650. Today on the city walls is a pedestrian promenade.
On top of Guinigi Tower you can admire the beautiful panorama of the old city under the trees of its garden. It was built in the first half of the 14th c.
The Cathedral of St. Martin was built starting from 1063. The church hosts a precious relic, the Volto Santo di Lucca (Sacred Countenance), the tomb of Ilaria del Carretto by Jacopo della Quercia and paintings by Ghirlandaio and Tintoretto.
Piazza Anfiteatro lays on the ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre.
Piazza San Michele is where the ancient Roman forum was. A number medieval buildings face the square. The beautiful church was first built in the 8th century and rebuilt after 1070. On the summit of the facade is a 4 meter tall statue of St. Michael the Archangel.
Basilica of San Frediano. Rebuilt after 1112 on the former church (6th c.), it features a huge mosaic on the facade (13th c.) representing The Ascension of Christ the Saviour. Inside, ancient frescoes, fine paintings and Romanesque sculptures, Roman columns and capitals.
Church of Ss. Giovanni e Reparata. It was the cathedral, before the 8th century. Originally built in the 5th c., it was rebuilt after the 12th c.
Massaciuccoli Park, view of lake Puccini from the Roman ruins in Massarosa.

Maybe founded by Ligurian people, Etrurian city between the 5th and 4th century BC, Lucca became a Roman colony in 180 BC. The Roman influence is still recognizable in its street plan and also in the famous amphitheatre square ("Piazza Anfiteatro"). Besides, the Basilica of San Michele is located in the ancient forum. Goths, Lombards, Franks dominated Lucca, whose importance grew over the centuries thanks to its position on the Via Francigena, the Frankish Route, and to the high quality of its silk production, renowned all over Europe. In 1160 Lucca became an independent commune and was one of the leading states in central Italy for centuries. In 1325 Lucca defeated Florence in the battle of Altopascio. The city definitely lost its independence in 1799.

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9-5 exposure stops, 10.5 mm lens, natural light. 360Precision Adjuste Giga Panoramic head.