La Numero 1 Uno Yacht 360 Virtual Tour & Photography Hans von Weissenfluh

La Numero 1 Uno (Clan VI), Perini Navi

Genoa - 360 QTVR & Flash interior photos, virtual tour

February 2008

Yacht Virtual Tour

This virtual tour lets you visit this Perini Navi yacht. You'll be able to move your eyes in the rooms in any direction just by clicking and dragging the photos. Furthermore, if you want to get in a different room during your visit, just click on the arrows you see around or on the gallery thumbnails located on the farthest right hand just above the buttons (activate it by clicking on the small arrow). Some interactive elements have been added to the scene, like movies and cards. Find them!
Click here to start the tour or on the links below to access immediately the room you wish, choosing between Flash and Quicktime formats. Only flash versions will let you move yourself through the rooms.