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360° Panoramic Photography & Web Design Hans von Weissenfluh

Virtual tours, 360° Panoramic Photography

MSC Grandiosa, 3D 360 Virtual Tour

MSC Cruises, 360 Virtual Tour
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360° virtual tours created for another 14 MSC Cruises ships between 2015 and 2020. High definition 360° panoramic photos linked in virtual tours to explore restaurants, all cabin classes, swimming pools, solariums, theatres, pubs, courts sports, SPA and much more in virtual reality and 3D (MSC Grandiosa).
MSC Cruises Ships Virtual Tours

Italian Jewish Heritage Virtual Tours

Italian Jewish Heritage 360° Virtual Tours
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360° high resolution virtual tours with gigapixel panoramic views of 11 Italian cities: Rome, Venice, Florence, Siena, Bologna, Padua, Ancona, Pesaro, Casale Monferrato, Livorno and Pitigliano ("The Little Jerusalem"). You can appreciate at 360° the most beautiful synagogues in Italy, experience interactivity with objects in jewish museums, visit jewish cemeteries and enjoy breathtaking city panoramas with gigapixels of detail. The project lasted 3 years and was commissioned by UCEI, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities. Virtual Tours of Jewish Heritage in Italy

Gigapixel 360° Panorama of Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Gigapixel 360° photo
Gigapixel 360° PhotoEnter
360° panoramic view from the center of Genoa, Italy. About 730 shots taken with the Nikon D800 assembled in a single 9+ gigapixel HDR spherical image allowing a 30X zoom level on every detail: medieval towers, churches, baroque and modern buildings, the port, the lighthouse and much more. Smaller size for iPad and iPhone. 9 Gigapixel 360 photo of Genoa

MSC Cruises, Musica Class Virtual Tour

MSC Cruises, MSC Musica class Virtual Tour
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Our most recent work for MSC Cruises ships, Musica Class virtual tour: MSC Magnifica, Poesia, Orchestra, Musica are represented here. True italian style, elegant public areas, cabins and suites can be explored through high resolution interactive 360° photos, simply clicking on hotspots or using a quick and simple menu, using your pc, Mac, iPhone, Android based smartphones and tablets.
A special and funny interface was designed for iPad devices. Virtual Tour and more info

MSC Cruises, Fantasia Class Virtual Tour

MSC Cruises, MSC Fantasia class Virtual Tour
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Virtual tour repesenting the Fantasia Class ships: MSC Preziosa, Splendida, Divina, Fantasia, the largest cruise ships of the fleet. Classic italian style public areas, cabins, suites, MSC Yacht Club, MSC Aurea Spa, all can be explored in depth, moving through hotspots and a handy and funny menu, wherever you are from pc, Mac, iPhone, Android based smartphones and tablets, where you can enjoy the custom designed interface for iPad and experience the gyroscope navigation. Virtual Tour details

MSC Cruises, Lirica Class Virtual Tour

MSC Cruises, MSC Lirica class Virtual Tour
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Virtual tour featuring the Lirica Class ships: MSC Lirica, Opera, Sinfonia and Armonia. The most representative public areas, cabins and suites, all available for a pre-embarkation online virtual visit, through hotspots and quick menus, using pc, Mac, iPhone, Android based smartphones and tablets. A special interface is available for iPad. On gyroscope enabled versions of iPhone and iPad devices the experience has an added value which is really worth trying. Go to Virtual Tour details

Venice, St. Mark's Square

Venice, St. Mark's Square Virtual Tour
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Virtual tour made for Associazione Piazza San Marco. Venice, St. Mark's Basilica, a Byzantine architecture masterpiece, the Doge's Palace, the Clocktower, the almost 100 metres high Campanile (belltower), the Procuratie, the Zecca and the Grand Canal view make this square one of the most famous places in the world.
The Virtual Tour, based on four 360° panorama photos (four viewpoints), through interactive hotspots, allows you to visit the Square and the Piazzetta, get photos and information about its historic buildings, cafés (Florian, Quadri, Lavena), jewelleries and art galleries. Go to the Virtual Tour

Tuscany, Virtual tours

Tuscany Virtual Tour
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360° panoramic photos mostly commissioned for virtual tours published on the tourism promotion website of Regione Toscana, featuring the cities of Lucca, Pisa, Massa, Carrara and nearby localities with their squares, historic buildings, churches and natural beauties: you may virtually visit Piazza Anfiteatro, St. Martin's Cathedral, Piazza dei Miracoli with its Leaning Tower, Knights’ Square, marble quarries, Puccini's lake of Massaciuccoli and even take a 360° panoramic view of Lucca from the top of Guinigi Tower.
The virtual tour consists of 360° photos of western Tuscany (Lucca, Pisa, Massa and Carrara). A common interface will soon be added. See the 360° photos

OpenLab Art Gallery, Migration by M. Cavalleroni

OpenLab Art Gallery Virtual Tour, Genoa
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Formerly a convent, the gallery is located in via San Vincenzo, Genoa, Italy. The Compagnia Unica OpenLab is an interensting and unique art gallery, featuring 17th century frescoes and post-modern art.
"Migration" by the photographer Matteo Cavalleroni was hosted here. This photography exhibition tells about the travellers in the airports through a particular technical approach.
Virtual Tour with 360° photos and interactive hotspots. Go to the Virtual Tour

Budapest Great Synagogue

360° photo of Dohány street Synagogue, Budapest
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Built by the Jewish Neolog Community of Pest between 1854-1859, it is the largest synagogue in Europe. Moorish Revival style with Byzantine, Romantic and Gothic elements, according to a plan by Ludwig Förster. Interior design partly by Frigyes Feszl. Heavily bombed both during the Nazi occupation and the battle for the liberation of Budapest, its restoration started in 1991 and was completed in 1996. The building hosts the Jewish Museum, the Heroes' Temple, the Jewish Cemetery and the Raul Wallenberg Holocaust Memorial Park.
The 360° interactive photo is available both in Flash and Quicktime formats, at different levels of quality, from low to very high. See the 360° photo

Basilica of Santissima Annunziata del Vastato

360° photo of the Church of Santissima Annunziata del Vastato, Genoa
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Considered by many the most beautiful church in Genoa, Italy, it was originally built in 1520 by the Franciscan monks in a late gothic style, but they didn't finish it. Starting from 1591 the Lomellini Family got involved for more than forty years in completing and enlarging it. The church is a typical example of genoese manneristic-baroque. Inside you can find masterpieces by the following painters and sculptors: Van Dyck, Strozzi, Piola, De Ferrari and Guidobono.
The 360° interactive picture is available both in Flash and Quicktime formats, at different levels of quality, from low to very high. See the 360° photo

Santa Boat Show 2008

Santa Boat Show 2008
360° photosEnter
The Santa Boat Show is one of the most important quality used boat shows held in the Northern Mediterranean. There were boats ranging from 7.5 to 24 metres exposed. The event took place on 3-6 April 2008 in Santa Margherita Ligure, next to Portofino, Italy, one of the most beautiful scenarios in the Mediterranean. High quality and resolution 360 degree interactive Quicktime, Flash and 180 degree panoramic flat photos available on this section. See the photos

La Numero 1 Uno Is Back, Virtual Tour

La Numero 1 Uno, Perini Navi, Virtual tour
360° photos, Virtual tourEnter
After almost two years around the world, this 40 metres long Perini Navi yacht is back in Genoa, Italy.
31,000 miles, driven by the wind across breathtaking natural scenarios, populations and cultures. Canary islands, Caribbean, Panama, Galapagos, Bora-Bora, Tahiti, Fiji, Suvarov, Tonga, Australia, Indonesia, Ceylon, Maldive Islands, Red Sea, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Malta, just to name a few places this boat has been to. Here are both QTVR and Flash interior 360° photos of the main salon and of a guest cabin, with a higher resolution and quality in comparison to the ones shot two years before.
Besides, Flash photos contain new professional solutions for virtual tours, i.e. interactive animated elements, such as cards and movies, which make the environment almost real.
Start the virtual tour

Palazzo San Giorgio, Genoa, Italy

Palazzo San Giorgio, Genoa, 360 photos, virtual tour
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Home of the Bank of St. George (est. 1407), one of the most powerful and oldest chartered banks in Europe, this historical building incorporates a section of the original Medieval structure, built in 1260 by order of People’s Capitain Guglielmo Boccanegra and designed by the famous Cistercian monk, Friar Oliverio. This is an example of the architectural estate in Genoa, Italy. According to tradition, Marco Polo dictated the account of his journey to China known as "Il Milione" here, where he was imprisoned by the Genoeses during the naval Battle of Curzola against the Republic of Venice, in 1298. In 1570 the building was extended to the south, as a result of the growing fortune and functions of the Casa di San Giorgio. In 1903 it became the headquarters of the Port Authority.
See the photos

Genoa International Boat Show 2006

Genoa International Boat Show 2006 360° photos, virtual tour
360° photosEnter
Genoa, Italy, 7-15th October. 46th international boat show. More than 400 boats displayed in water - out of 2.000 on show. From small boats to the masterpieces of the shipbuilding industry, up to 40 meters and over.
Flash and Quicktime formats available.
See the photos

Perini Navi Cup 2006

Perini Navi Cup 2006 360° photos, virtual tour
360° photosEnter
Porto Rotondo, Italy, 7-9th September. Fourteen Perini Navi mega and maxi sailers challenged each other in the waters of North Eastern Sardinia. Among them, The Maltese Falcon, Squall, Principessa Vaivia, Felicità West, Santa Maria, Antara, Gitana, Parsifal III, Klosters, Heritage. More information on the event's website.
360 degree shots were taken during various moments of this nautical event. Quicktime or Flash are needed. See the photos

Porto Rotondo Big Game 2006

Porto Rotondo Big Game 2006 360 photos, virtual tour
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1-3rd September. Organized by Vela & Vino Yacht Events, IBS and the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club, The Porto Rotondo Big Game is one of the most important Big Game fishing tournaments in the Mediterranean.
Reportage: 360 degree shots from start, docks, briefing, weight station, night and more. Quicktime is needed. See the photos

Church of Saint Luke

Church of Saint Luke, virtual tour, 360° photo
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Located in the heart of Genoa, Italy, rebuilt in the second quarter of the seventeenth century, the church was entirely frescoed by Domenico Piola. In 1645 Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, also known as "il Grechetto" painted the altarpiece "Adoration of the Shepherds". The church hosts two examples of sculptor Filippo Parodi's art, the statues of the Deposed Christ, in the niche at the right side close to the entrance, and the Immaculate, on the high altar. Visits: Tuesday - Sunday. In order to get high resolution flat photos, click on hotspots (disable popup killers). Quicktime or Flash are needed.
See the photo

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Perini Navi Cup 2006 Website

Web design

March 2006
Perini Navi Cup 2006 has taken place in Porto Rotondo, 7-10 September. Get information about programme, yachts, press releases and more of this nautical event.
Perini Navi Cup 2004 and 2006 photographic galleries, regatta results and press releases are also available. Visit the Website