360 Photography & Virtual Tour - Great Synagogue Hans von Weissenfluh

Budapest Great Synagogue

Dohány Street, Budapest, Hungary - 360 QTVR & Flash panoramic photo

June 2008
  • 360 photo - Budapest Great Synagogue

    About this 360 photograph

    9 exposure steps, 72 shots, 10.5 mm lens, natural & artificial light. 360Precision Panoramic Head.

    About the place

    Built by the Jewish Neolog Community of Pest between 1854-1859, it is the largest synagogue in Europe. Moorish Revival style with Byzantine, Romantic and Gothic elements, according to a plan by Ludwig Förster. Interior design partly by Frigyes Feszl. Heavily bombed both during the Nazi occupation and the battle for the liberation of Budapest, its restoration started in 1991 and was completed in 1996. The building hosts the Jewish Museum, the Heroes' Temple, the Jewish Cemetery and the Raul Wallenberg Holocaust Memorial Park.