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    360° Virtual Tour Navi MSC Cruises

    Virtual Tours commissioned by MSC Crociere, made between 2015 and 2020 for 14 ships of the cruise company. The 360° photos resolution is very high. Visitors are able to zoom in to 5 times.
    Custom solutions were made for the client.

    For the latest ship, MSC Grandiosa, the record-breaking ship, interactivity has consistently gone far beyond the previous ones, thanks to very recent technological innovations: we have created a 3D navigation system, which allows the user to walk from one point to another of the Galleria Grandiosa and the Virtual Arcade by translating with respect to the shooting points without interruption, i.e. adding another 3 degrees of freedom. In this way the user is no longer bound to a point for observation, but can move forward, sideways, backwards... To achieve this, we have recreated the environments in three dimensions, using photographs as textures: the result, especially if enjoyed through virtual reality viewers, or VR goggles, such as Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus One, which allow you to have a stereoscopic view, is a total immersive experience, exciting from the first glance.

    But this is not the only novelty that MSC wanted for this brand new virtual tour: 360° videos are available for some environments, which allow the virtual visitor to enjoy the live experience of what the ship has to offer. We took care of the creation of the 360° video present in the Jean Philippe Chocolat et Café environment.

    Another novelty is represented by the presence of information hotspots in the cabins, as well as an interactive mega-screen dedicated to the MSC Foundation.

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